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Erica Rueschhoff

Widely known as the “expert’s expert,” Erica has made a name for herself by helping others achieve their dreams and goals, and to do it with enthusiasm and excitement. She’s learned from personal experience that being passionate about your business – and your life – is the key to true happiness, and Erica’s passion lies in watching others succeed in ways they never believed were possible. Erica holds many titles: Coach, author, speaker, social media and marketing consultant, and entrepreneur. But her specialty is working one-on-one with other entrepreneurs and helping them find new and exciting ways to market and grow their business and their brand. Her innovative strategies have changed the way her clients think about marketing, business, and even life. Erica’s unique ability to combine offline, online, and social marketing strategies into a cohesive and powerful brand has helped her clients find new and greater successes. Perhaps even more importantly, they’re able to enjoy their success while maintaining the life/work balance that Erica feels is so important. Erica Rueschhoff is not afraid of failure. In fact, she would rather fail spectacularly than succeed half-heartedly, and that’s exactly the attitude she tries to instill in her clients. Taking the fear of failure out of the equation, you are free to succeed In addition to her business development and marketing consulting, Erica loves to share her enthusiasm for living and desire to help others specifically with moms. As an entrepreneur and busy mom of four, Erica has learned firsthand how difficult it is to raise a family while building a business, that’s why she’s determined to help other moms make the best of their lives – to live and work and love in new and powerful ways. True to her own teachings, Erica took a bold step and co-authored a book, Wake Up Women: BE Happy, Healthy & Wealthy, designed to help moms take control of their own happiness. “I couldn’t help feeling like there was supposed to be more and that it should be easy to be happy doing these things,” Erica says about her own experiences as a mother of four. She admits to feeling guilty because she wanted more, and she knows other moms suffer the same feelings of inadequacy, and worry that they are somehow failing their children, their spouses, and even other moms. With Wake Up Women, Erica set out to change the attitudes of moms just like her, and she’s once again succeeded. In addition, she also was also a co-author in the book, Hear Us Roar, where she shares the impact of 9-11 on her family and was a contributor to Career at Home Moms by Debbie LaChusa. Above all else, Erica Rueschhoff believes everyone has a choice in this life. She has chosen happiness and passion, and she hopes you will, too


Rebecca Rueschhoff

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Jacob Schroeder

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Hear what others are saying!

Erica Rueschhoff is a champion to everyone fortune enough to work with her. Her skills, insight and marketing savvy are invaluable, and her warmth and loyalty make her a pleasure to work with. She goes above and beyond the call of duty, stays ahead of the curve and brings countless ideas and boundless energy to all her projects. We love her!
Emma Walton Hamilton , The Julie Andrews Collection
Erica Rueschhoff is a brilliant marketer, strategist and web designer extraordinare! When looking to build community and online presence, finding a well-informed, experienced technology partner is essential. I found that partner in Erica Rueschhoff. Not only does she help you turn your concepts into a web reality, she expands your ideas and brings you cutting edge possibilities from the ever-changing world of technology. So, if you are looking for a real team member who will be there to help you grow your success through your Internet design and marketing, Erica Rueschhoff is the expert I highly recommend.
Marsh Engle , CEO of Marsh Engle Media
Erica, wow. I am so impressed with you, your abilities, insight, and most of all your vision. I have to tell you — I enjoyed talking with you about business more than almost anyone I can remember. You have clarity, common sense, broad knowledge, and this amazingly powerful vision. I would LOVE to have a business plan where I know what to do and expect each month. Talking about business with you just makes perfect sense to me in a way it hasn’t before. When the dust settles, I would like to talk again.
Ann Convery , “Speak Your Business in 30 Seconds or LessTM” and High Performance Communication Skills
Jay & Larry, I had to let you know that you have literally made a priceless investment in my business by referring Erica Rueschhoff to me. My gosh! She was a divine gift to me. She has saved me months of heartache by assimilating everything I need to know to roll out my business in the most effective manner. She has worked with some amazing clients and so she has brought me the best of the best of what she has learned from them and what she has done working in the background for companies like SANG, Rose Cole and countless others. She has such a humility and service heart… she has literally taken ownership of my business success as if it was her own business… she hasn’t limited herself to play a role, she has dived right in and gone above and beyond anything I could have expected. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. In Erica and in Office Autopilot I have found long-term business partners, and that is such a gift as a business owner… to know that I’m working with the best of the best and I don’t have to look any further and I can move on to working on getting my message out there through my work. Thank you!
Vanessa Horn , Holistic Lifestyle and Success Coach
I have had hours of conversations with Erica covering topics from creative marketing, building profitable relationships, and various marketing strategy and the one thing I can say for sure is that Erica has a great mentality and drive to make a difference in this world through her hard work.
Hollis Carter , Velocity House Publishing